Dear All,   It’s that most wonderful time of the year, again!   This Christmas season, Charwiki is teaming up with Avenue K shopping centre for a very special Christmas Wishlist project.   We are helping to collect donations that will go towards clothing and uniforms for House of Joy, a loving place of refuge for babies, all the way to the elderly.   Donning a fresh, new school uniform to begin the school year is a feeling that we want all the school-going children in House of Joy to experience. And for all others, the feeling of new clothes to replace outgrown and outlived garments!   We will also be collecting donations for Charwiki’s own learning centre, United Hope Refugee Education Centre. Started in October 2018, Charwiki’s first owned and operated learning centre has 30 children enrolled in formal schooling, with many more on waiting list.   The children would love to have stationery, books and other necessities that will take them throughout the school year. When they don’t need to worry about having enough supplies, they can focus hard on the important business of learning!   As usual, 100% of every donation goes directly to the goods bought.   Help us put a smile on their faces this Christmas, won’t you?   Love,   The Charwiki Team.