“Great Big Special Christmas!” Dear All,   That’s a wrap! Charwiki’s Christmas Wishlist Marketplace has officially come to a close! Well, not quite. Now the really fun part starts. We will be keeping you updated as the homes receive their presents, all bought by you, our donors. Thank you so much to all of you who contributed so generously towards this cause. You will be getting a little something in the post in the near future. In the meantime, hope you all have a delightful and joyous New Year!   – the Charwiki Team. P.S. Fantastic news -- 90% of the items in our Meet The Need Marketplace have been sold! There are a few items that are still waiting to be bought, though: a desk for Charis Hope Learning Centre, a freezer for Victory Home, a built-in cupboard for Divine Mercy, a sponsored day’s outing for Rainbow Home, a trio of mattresses for IQ70plus. If you feel like you missed your chance over Christmas, and you would like to contribute towards these gifts, you still have the chance to purchase them -- and it will become a New Year gift for the home instead! On behalf of us here, the children's homes and all recipients of the donated gifts, thank you for helping to make this Christmas a joyous one.